The brand philosophy

Redefining headphones

Specializing on headphones, fine tuned to provide high quality sound combined with Swedish inspired minimalistic design. Filling the gap between mid range and luxury, making great sound accessible.

Big Sound Made Small

Music is emotional. Enriching our otherwise busy lives. We want our source of music portable and practical, small enough for everyday use. We want great sound that encloses us into a world of our own.
 Small headphones are generally perceived as a compromise. Sound and quality compromised for portability and practicality. A fast food consuming of sound. We don’t believe in compromise.

Tuned in Sweden

Passionate about music and making great sound accessible. Representing high quality sound and function,
 finished with a Swedish-inspired minimalistic design. Never compromising, with eyes for details. Vain about sound.


The story behind the brand

Growing up

Brothers Mathias and Michael grew up in the Stockholm suburbs, both becoming local DJs with a passion for music. When Michael started studying engineering, he began combining his new knowledge on how to build things with his passion for music. The result was a set of loudspeakers that fulfilled his requirements to bring great sound to the dance floor, in a way that he felt existing loudspeakers just couldn’t do.

Street Sound Electronics

Friends, fans and other DJs started to ask for the same type of loudspeakers that Michael had, resulting in a small business in the garage of the brother’s parents. Needing a name, he turned to his younger brother (and biggest fan), Mathias, who came up with Street Sound Electronics. The project lived on for a few years, but Michael was always focused more on sound than profit. As a result, Street Sound Electronics remained primarily a hobby project


Almost 30 years later, as best friends and experienced business partners with several successful businesses under their belts, the brothers returned to the dreams of their childhood garage. A new business was born, combining Michael’s passion for the perfect sound with Mathias’ passion for the perfect design. The brothers strive to create headphones that you can always carry with you and use everywhere on any occation, without sacrificing sound quality. Now, two years down the road, we believe we have reached that goal with the release of the VAIN STHLM line of headphones.